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Scar Therapy

What is scar therapy?

Do you have a “stuck feeling” in or around your scar?

Do you have any numbness in the scar area?

Is there a lack of movement and pain in other areas of your body?

We can support you in reducing pain, improving movement of the surrounding tissues, improving appearance of the scar and teaching you effective postural and breathing techniques.

Scar therapy encourages mobility between the layers of skin and the muscle and fascia.  This type of treatment can help to improve mobility while loosening and releasing tight scar tissue. This often results in an improved range of motion; can help restore core function and a reduction in discomfort. This type of massage suits those who have recently given birth, as long as the scar has healed, as well as those whose surgery was long ago – the benefits of scar immersion are not time sensitive and can be experienced regardless of how old the scar is.

What is included in my appointment?

Your initial appointment will be for 75 minutes and will include a full assessment of breathing patterns, posture/alignment, any abdominal separation (Diastasis Recti) and we will also completed some dynamic movement assessments.

During the session we will discuss your medical history and what your concerns/goals are for your scar and propose a treatment plan to meet your needs.

I will manually palpate your scar and abdominal area to understand your scar tissue in more depth and will provide some treatment during this session along with some self massage techniques for you to do at home.

Did you know that we also have a C Section Recovery E-book available to download for just £4.99?

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