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Post Op Bra Fitting

It’s crucial for women to have a proper bra fitting after undergoing breast surgery when the time comes to say goodbye to the post op bras.

Size Guarantee

Whether it was for reconstruction, augmentation, reduction, or any other procedure, it can be a big (and expensive) decision to have breast surgery. However, contrary to popular belief. Breast surgery doesn’t always guarantee a perfectly exact size afterward. No matter how hard surgeons try to give you the size you want, this doesn’t always work out. That’s where the magical world of bra fittings comes into play, specifically Posture Fitting. Let’s face it, breast surgery is not cheap. So, if you are going to invest your hard-earned cash in surgery, it’s crucial to follow it up with a proper post-surgery fitting appointment.

Postural Changes

After surgery, your breasts will have changed in shape, size, and/or position. An optimum-fitted bra ensures comfort, support, and, most importantly, the prevention of unnecessary pain that may occur as a result in these changes.

When breast implants are inserted, they add volume and weight to the breasts. This additional weight can affect the body’s balance and alter the centre of gravity. The breasts’ new size and weight can shift the body’s equilibrium, leading to adjustments in posture to accommodate the changes.

Here are a few ways breast implants can affect posture and the body’s centre of gravity:

Forward shoulder posture:

The added weight of breast implants can cause the shoulders to roll forward. This forward shoulder posture can lead to rounded shoulders and a hunched upper back, as the body tries to counterbalance the weight in the front. =

Increased lumbar lordosis:

Lumbar lordosis refers to an exaggerated inward curve of the lower back. Breast implants can contribute to this by causing a shift in the centre of gravity forward. To compensate, the body may arch the lower back more, leading to an increased curvature. This can put strain on the lower back and potentially lead to discomfort or pain.

Altered alignment of the spine:

The additional weight of breast implants can affect the alignment of the spine. The body may try to find a new balance by tilting the pelvis forward or adjusting the curvature of the spine. These changes can impact the overall alignment of the body, affecting posture and potentially causing muscle imbalances.

Expert guidance:

Getting a professional fitting after breast surgery isn’t just about grabbing a measuring tape and adding on a few inches! This is old school and way off the mark when it comes to accurate sizing. Posture Fitting is a whole experience where you receive expert guidance from an Musculoskeletal specialist.

These fitting specialists are trained to understand the unique needs of women who have undergone breast surgery and the affects in can have on posture. They’ll take the time to find the perfect bra that not only fits like a dream but also complements your new curves.

Remember, ladies, you’ve invested in yourself by choosing breast surgery. It’s essential to complete that journey by investing in a proper bra fitting experience. Your body, comfort, posture, and confidence will thank you.

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